Modellas owner, Tovi Mamann, has a long history in the clothing industry. His father was a European clothing importer and shoe distributor. At a young age Tovi learnt about fashion, assisting in his fathers business, after school, located in the Toronto garment district. The constant change of styles and seasons, combined with a deep appreciation for design and color made going into the clothing industry an obvious choice.

After finishing his studies in Toronto, Canada, Tovi opened his first retail store at the age of 21 in the heart of the garment district on Spadina Ave. His knowledge and flair soon found him expanding into several retail locations.

Several years passed and Tovi was recruited by one of Canada’s foremost fashion houses, Simon Chang Concepts, to head their US operations. For the next 8 and half years he opened up several hundred accounts along with his staff. He opened showrooms in Dallas, Atlanta and New York. He and his staff did over 22 trade shows a year from coast to coast, always maintaining a forward positive momentum. They opened accounts such as Nordstrom Department Stores, Cache Stores and some of the best boutiques and chain stores throughout the United States.